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Live Casino Review 23-09-2020

Online Roulette Tips 2020: How to Play Like a Pro

Online Roulette is a famous game among many gamblers from all around the world. You can find this game on our website at It offers a lot of opportunities and big profits for all players who know the best Roulette strategy.  On this page, we will share some common tips on how you can […]

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Live Casino Review 22-09-2020

How to Play Online Asian Casino Games?

Asia has a legacy of casino games. Most of the games have become global and have a huge fan following over the globe. The Asian casino games are versatile and often are ancient than the European ones.   What Are The Asian Casino Games? All these games are very exciting. If you can play in […]

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Live Casino Review 21-09-2020

Is Online Gambling Legal in Malaysia?

Malaysia being a Muslim country, it is technically not legal to get involved in any gambling activities because of the sharia law. However, according to the Common Gaming House Act from 1953 and the amendments made to it in 2006, gambling is legal in certain situations and certain designated places. Casino de Genting is one […]

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Live Casino Review 18-09-2020

What is Fan Tan & How To Play It?

Are you one of those people who want to learn how to play Fan Tan? In case you didn’t know yet, Fan Tan is a traditional and simple to play a gambling game that comes from China. The game grew in fame in most Asian nations and across the globe from the 1800s and onwards. […]

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